Record of Presentations/Public Engagement

Media Education AssociationPre-PhD:
February 2012: The Media Education Association Conference at BFI. 1 hour session on practical media education and the Cent Ans de Jeunesse BFI/Cinémathèque, Paris collaboration. Panel discussion with 3 x Year 9 boys from London Nautical School and their English teacher Chris Waugh.

September 2012: Encuentro de Cine y Educacion: on behalf of BFI Education I presented (in Spanish) in Madrid at the Telefonica building to an audience of teachers, industry representatives and policy makers interested in the use of film in the classroom and film education. The Minister for Media and Culture was also present. Here’s a record of it – last 20 mins of this movie clip on Youtube.

During PhD:
October 2012: BFI Evaluation of Cultural Campus 2012 talk to prospective schools and institutions

October 2012: Cultural Capital Exchange Inside Out Festival

January 2013: MACME presentation on Pedagogy module of MA Creative Media Education, Bournemouth Univ

March 2013: Teachmeet presentation at Media Education Association organised event at English & Media Centre

June 2013: Charter for Primary Education launch conference at ULU. What is the future of primary education? Gave a 1 hour session on media production

June 2013: DARE organised event at BFI with IoE. On the arts & digital media in education: research, thinking, future policy & practice. Talked about evaluations of BFI Cultural Campus 2013 projects

July 2013: Teachmeet presentation at BFI on Cultural Campus projects and the Gothic.

September 2013: ResearchEd 2013. Dulwich College. Short presentation during Chris Waugh’s presentation about being a researcher in his classroom and about flatter classroom structures.

September 2013: Media Education Summit. Sheffield. Chaired some sessions and did a poster presentation.

November 2013: Media Education Association Conference at BFI. Research Presentation in NFT3 on “Making Messy Digital Norms” and the ‘porous’ pedagogy of the practitioner.

January 2014: MeCCSA Conference at Bournemouth University.
a) Presentation in the Pedagogy strand entitled: “Porous Pedagogy in the Third Space: new media primary practices in Tower Hamlets, East London.”
b) Panel member in the MERJ round table discussion with Sonia Livingstone, Julian McDougall, Anna Feigenbaum, Mark Readman chairing discussing research priorities in media education research.

September 2014: BFX Conference at Bournemouth University: Digital Convergences. Presented paper entitled ‘Porous Pedagogy and Multimodal Tools: Media Production Practices in East London Primaries’

October 2014: Two Ed D residential presentations on PhD pilot projects and retrospective reflections.

October 2014: Presentation at BFI for an Artswork conference for teachers already enrolled on the Artsmark qualification, on creative classroom practices and film making.

November 2014: International Media Education Summit, Metropolitan University, Prague, CZ. Member of the MERJ Conversation Group hosted by Digital Arts Collaborative DARE.


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