Record of Research Training, Engagement, Conferences attended

Competence Training:

  • Oct 17 2012 Project Management with Dr. Margaret Collins Identifying goals, milestones and assessing risks, how to organise time and resources to best achieve the project goals
  • Nov 21 2012 Research Methods – Overviews of Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed Methods – PGR sessions.
  • Dec 7 2012 MODE Video Data Analysis Workshop – London Knowledge Lab. See separate post.
  • Feb 2013 Grounded Theory – with Immy Holloway. A 2-day Masterclass in Bmouth.
  • May 2013 Free Writing: Getting your PhD written – with Caroline Brindlecombe. See separate post.
  • October 2014 (also Oct, March, June 2011 / Oct, March, June 2012 / Oct, March, June 2013) Training, seminars and international film screenings of the Le Cinéma: Cent Ans de Jeunesse film education programme for young people based at the Cinémathèque Française, Paris


Seminars/Forums/Talks/Open days attended:

  • Nov 8 2012 DARE Roundtable with Andrew Burn, John Potter, Mark Reid, Conor Roche and Lizzie Crump of the Cultural Learning Alliance.  They are researching the relationship between computing and arts and cultural learning, Conor as a NESTA Clore Fellow, and Lizzie as a Clore Learning Fellow.  Their work will inform the design of the new ICT curriculum. Notes on this meeting
  • Dec 11 2012 Presentation by Howard Gardener in NESTA: Five Minds for the Future: Disciplined, Synthesising, Creating, Respectful, Ethical MINDS.
  • Feb 2012 British Library Doctorate Open Day
  • Mar 2013 Beyond the Book at the LSE: Talk on narrative methodology with Kip Jones, Miriam Bernard and Gareth Morris
  • Mar 2013 Inspiring a New Generation of Digital Makers panel discussion with Julian Sefton-Green organised by Nominet Trust
  • May 2013 Offered an article to Julian Mc Dougall’s Think Tank for discussion during meeting at Bournemouth Univ.
  • June 2013 DARE organised event at BFI with IoE. On the arts & digital media in education: research, thinking, future policy & practice.
  • January 2014 Screening Literacy seminar in Berlin – Part 1 – with BFI Education and a cross-section of European film educators / consultants to discuss an EU bid calling for a film education framework for schools.
  • September 2014 Participated in AiR (Arts in Research) Collaborative’s 2-day seminar at Bournemouth University exploring creative research dissemination practices with Dr. Kip Jones
  • October 2014 Screening Literacy seminar in Berlin – Part 2 – with BFI Education and a cross-section of European film educators / consultants to develop a film education framework for schools, having won the EU bid mentioned above.


Conferences attended:

  • Nov 16 2012 New opportunities for Film and Media Literacy, Creative Europe – European Commission, Brussels. The Conference presents an overview of the Commission’s proposal for the Creative Europe Programme and the state of play of the EU media literacy policy. To be discussed/examined:  the Commission’s plans for new funding opportunities for media and film literacy projects on a European level. 2 workshops will focus on “Good practices in Europe – how can film literacy initiatives travel?” and “European Networks for Film and Media Literacy – how can we create a better environment for European cooperation?” The impact of the current financial and economic crisis on media literacy initiatives and policy. See NOTES made here.
  • Nov 24 2012 Media Education Association Media and Film Education Futures, BFI.
    • David Buckingham’s key note – ‘Hard Times: Media Education and the New Nineteenth Century Curriculum’ – was entertaining! if a depressing breakdown of the marginalisation of media education in proposed revisions to the curriculum …
    • Attended an eye-opener of an iPad session with Helene Galdin-O’Shea. Use of QR codes on IWB. Revelatory apps like: Explain Everything. Students capacity for group and mobile audiovisual exploration, presentation, monitoring progress and AFL
    • Barney Oram and Nick Potamitis – Making and using Foley sounds to create a soundtrack (over a murder scene from The Wire in this instance) with Final Cut. It was as stimulating as ever the first time I edited for continuity. Use of zoom mike with mini tripod to capture sounds round the BFI. Great fun!
  • Mar 2013 The London Picture at University of the Arts – great ‘reclaimed’ building behind Kings Cross. Event organised by A New Direction (part of a national network of bridge organisations, funded by Arts Council England via the lottery to connect children and young people, schools and communities with art and culture) to start a dialogue with cultural and educational institutions across London to improve the cultural offer to young people. Scott-Noppe Brandon (former LCI Director in NYC) gave a keynote advocating pragmatic optimism and encouraging entrepreneurial thinking in terms of growing the arts offer. Simon Mellor from the Arts Council talked about the need to start measuring the impact of the arts in practical ways to be able to earn one’s ‘slice of the available pie’.
  • April 2013 The LCSS (London Centre for Social Studies) Conference on Methodological Choices and Challenges
    at Kings College, London. Programme.

    • One of the highlights was a session led by Dr Fahri Karakaş, Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia. He aimed to develop professional and practical skills on academic writing, publishing, conducting research, thesis writing, academic career management, teaching
    • Also attended a small poster presentation session (4 posters in total) – first one I’ve been to – which was a useful experience for the forthcoming PGR Conf at BU. I came away thinking that posters are about initial impact on a potentially lay audience and should be designed as such, rather than in a way that attempts to condense all one’s research onto an A1 sheet of flowcharts and boxes.
    • the whole thing helped me situate the culture of PhD research: listening to and watching academics in completely different fields helped me locate my own and how I have to pull back and talk in general terms about what I’m doing, to then zero in on certain aspects and then pull out again
  • April 2013 PGR Researchers Conference – Bournemouth University. Did a poster presentation. Was one of 3 winners! Highlight of this conference for me was the keynote by Dr. Abigail Williams (St. Peter’s College, Oxford) talking about her initiatives ref. public engagement in her narrow field of 18th poetry, and the importance of disseminating research in as many contexts as possible.
  • June 2013 Screening Literacy: International launch of the report/findings in this seminar/conference in Derry, Londonderry. I was a researcher on this EU-funded project to scope film education initiatives and programmes across Europe in 2012.
  • September 2013 ResearchED the search for evidence-informed practice and “what works?” in secondary education. Organised by Tom Bennett. Key note from Ben Goldacare extolling the virtues of RCTs in educational settings – Randomised Control Trials – and how not to be afraid of using them. Furedi counters this plea speaking about the limitations of scientific approaches to research. I presented during Christopher Waugh’s presentation in my capacity as a researcher. Speaking about flatter structures in classroom practice.
  • September 2013 Media Education Summit Sheffield. There was no particular theme this year but emergent themes included concern over the missing social dimension in media education, the benefits of cross-disciplinary practices and the forgotten political agenda. I did a poster presentation.
  • January 2014: MeCCSA Conference at Bournemouth University on ‘media and the margins’, the engagement of marginalised and minority groups with the media. Presented a paper and was also a panel member on possible directions for media education research. See Presentations page.
  • November 2014: International Media Education Summit – Metropolitan University – Prague, Czech Republic. Participant in the MERJ round table discussion with DARE.

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