Session on MA Creative & Media Education Residential

I’m doing a session on an MA module at CEMP, Bournemouth University and I’m using the following audio featuring research participants talking about a recent media production project with PGCE student teachers and Year 7 & 8 boys from a Lambeth secondary school. The boys were studying Poe’s poem The Raven and they worked together with ipads in small groups to produce a filmed/multimodal response to the poem in the gothic genre.

The MA session at CEMP in Bournemouth involved framing a response to complex research data. My research explores learning and the making process, and the social forces in which they are embedded, so we listened to a few different project participants’ perspectives when was all over. The themes of creativity, constraint, freedom and the idea of permission seemed to surface from the data.

Here’s who’s talking:

the student teachers

2 of the Year 7 boys who took part, talking through their response to the project

the Institute of Education trainer who co-ordinated the project talking to a visiting MA student (also an English teacher) after interviewing the boys

the English teacher whose class it was who participated in the project, but who didn’t participate directly

Here are a couple of the films to illustrate the kind of thing that was produced:

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