Authors influencing my thinking

R. Sennett: The Craftsman
M. Crawford: Case for Working with your Hands
D. Gauntlett: Making is Connecting
K. Robinson: Out of our Minds
(C. Anderson: Makers)
(L. Masterman: Teaching the Media)
A. Burn: Making Media
(B. Bennett, M. Furstenau, A. MacKenzie: Cinema & Technology: Cultures, Theories, Practices)
(E. Eisner: Re-imagining Schools)
J. Berger / R. Lanham / R. Williams / J. Geary / M. Fisher / Foucault / Vygotsky / Bruner / F. Furedi / Csikszentmihalyi / C. Bazalgette / H. Gardner / R. Alexander / M. Rosen / Goffman / Giddens / G. Merchant / J. Sefton-Green / J. Dewey / Z. Bauman / M. Bakhtin / H. Arendt /


Influential thinkers: William Morris / John Ruskin / Plato / Aristotle /

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