October 2012 – Case study/question ideas 2

I’m wondering about wrapping my case studies in a BFI Cultural Campus (CC) wrapper? I went to a meeting yesterday and gave a presentation to prospective teachers from Lambeth primary schools who may wish to get on board with CC projects this year in conjunction with Lambeth City Learning Centre (CLC). Also present were representatives from The National Theatre and The Ballet Rambert who are relatively willing to open their doors and join in with CC & CLCs’ efforts to engage public institutions in educational partnerships. The BFI’s theme in the spring/summer programming – with which the CCs often align themselves – will be The Gothic and teacher interest seemed to perk up at the prospect of projects involving monsters and ghosts.

All this may have a bearing on my question. I could include the legacy of the Creative Partnerships initiative… what remains? …  introduce a more critical perspective on the many celebratory claims made in the name of creative and media arts projects including the CC ones.

It seems that whatever I happen to be reading – be it Sennett or Crawford or Eisner or JP – I seize upon an all-encompassing theme and conclude that that must be the main thrust of the thesis. I remember this happening with my dissertation … and think I managed to pull together some disparate threads… I’m hoping to be able to do something similar and achieve a new-and-improved scholarly birds-eye view.

I’ve just noticed that ‘The Craftsman’ is part 1 of a 3-part trilogy – ‘Together’ is the 2nd – on the craft of co-operation which has relevance in an exploration of the role of media production.

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