NOTES: BFI 2012 Cultural Campus evaluation talk Oct. 2012

Big fan… of the spirit of the CC model and then website + 10capacities to look at outcomes.

Comments based on interviews with participants, teachers, parents and practitioners & research into areas of creative + media education.

Pick out some of the more unique aspects in relation to alternative styles of learning & pedagogy.


Teaching & learning that involves film making, animation, sound & image manipulation, art & design generates a kind of hands on workshop atmosphere – change in id., to become apprentices, “grown up”, indication of authenticity…. Experiencing the benefits of being out of the school context.

Occupying spaces within a national institution, people rushing around, they’re also doing that. Professionals, working with “experts”. Of these experts / practitioners – spending time with adults who aren’t relations or teachers – no baggage associated with the kids’ individual competence or behaviour – feeling of children being free to re-invent themselves. For some there’s a switch in that habitual circuitry of behaviour which is tripped and they can practice being that apprentice for a sustained period.

Context? Workshop – coming n going n busy atmosphere – different contexts for learning – it’s possible to learn in lots of diff places. MOVING around engaging the brain in integrated, meaningful & authentic activity. Teachers are learning also – levelling of traditional hierarchies.

What they’re learning? tangible skills etc… broad-based literacy – as competence/disposition to contribute to & participate in society. Need more than reading n writing, you need multimodal understanding. Moving seamlessly between skills and disciplines, one minute you’re co-designing, the next you’re producing refining, editing, displaying, performing, assessing.

… and all this is achieved in the spirit of whole class collaboration & a sense of camaraderie. Consistently there’s a feeling of positive, collective achievement, of not letting the side down, everyone getting on board, and everyone can get on board because it’s an inclusive process: rarely are there right or wrong answers, playing and experimentation is absolutely required.

Skills… digital manipulation they can take control of their own learning – take that risk with that piece of music that really belongs somewhere else, cut up those shots and lie about the sequence in which they were originally filmed, mash up those images in photoshop in as carnivalesque way as you please, to ultimately display their work outside the school context.


Overview of 10 capacities …

Questioning – head teacher comment / grown up / the girl who hates someone /

Creating Meaning – different world / seeing something through /

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