This rather simplistic table comes as a result of reading Crawford and Sennett and my own socio-cultural observations regarding media production in schools. I think laying out these polarities is helping to shape my thinking and to locate where my interests lie in terms of fields and discourses. I thought of making a middle column to see if this space could be conceptualised in some way. eg. The Pragmatist could sit between the The Realist and The Idealist and The Facilitator could sit between The Teacher and The Pupil, for instance. But then it occurred to me that the terms Media Maker/Making, Media Text could comfortably sit in that middle column right down to the bottom as an important mediating tool to understand how social discourse moves from left to right; hence how important it is for young people to know how to manipulate media, negotiate these tensions and see how the world works.

The analytical The creative
The academic The vocational, the practical
The literal, the defined The metaphorical, the ambiguous
The declarative, dialectic The subjunctive, dialogic
The functional The affective
The individual The collaborative
The mechanical The automated
The mind The manual
The abstract The material
The professional The amateur / DIY
The expert The apprentice
The producer The consumer
The realist The idealist
The operative The artisan
The real The imagined
The finite, the bound The plastic, the open-ended
Prescription Experimentation
The planned The improvised
The specific The random
The analogue The digital
Logic Feeling & intuition
The head & ideas & words The hands & objects
Science & technology The Arts
The critical The celebratory
Thinking Doing & Making
Knowledge & Skills Competence & Disposition
Theory Practice
Explicit knowledge Tacit knowledge
‘High Art’ Popular culture
Analogue fixity Digital provisionality
‘Digital immigrant’ ‘Digital native’
The teacher The pupil
The rational The imaginative

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