Coaching session & personal goal setting

I had a personal coaching session this morning – 4th out of 6 freebies on offer via a friend of a friend – they’ve been very helpful in terms of setting achievable goals and also just having someone who is exclusively interested and focused on me and my professional stuff is really quite a unique experience, a real tonic.

I was going to say ‘she made me’ but all she did in fact was create the conditions through which I made a commitment to writing an entry every day/every other day into this journal, however short: documenting fleeting thoughts and impressions that may ‘come in’. Nothing radical in this and I think I might be able to do it. I used to write a diary every night – until I was about 18, so I know I can do it and if I have a kind of ritual in place it might work.

I set other goals as well for the next 2 weeks which involves WRITING and outputting:

  1. finishing JP’s book – and reading a few pages every morning – before heading to the computer
  2. choosing one of my 4 questions – as if it was THE one and then…
  3. writing a draft thesis Introduction – just 2 paras FOR ME – which encompass an intellectual strand, some context and a personal rationale for the study, to shape my thinking
  4. attempting the merest skeleton thread of an argument and a TOC – perhaps taking as a starting point my Masters thesis structure and seeing if parts of this are in anyway poachable

All this is with a view to having a healthy focus – even if it’s a bogus focus – as opposed to an anxious rabbit-headlights vibe.

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