Informal Meeting with a Parent Governor – Primary School Media Strategy?

I noticed that one of the parent governors at the primary school where I work is a BBC emplyee – Chris Berthoud, digital content BBC News – and contacted him about developing a media strategy at the school. We had a chat in the library whilst the primary school Xmas Fair raged on below us…

The school is about to decide to move over to a VLE – Moodle is front runner so far – I’ve been gently pushing for this as far as you can in my capacity as part-time Web person/Media Mentor for past several years. But there are many and various other media inputs and outputs that need to be integrated if it’s all to work. The school leadership seems to be like many other schools in that they start with the purchase of technology, as if this will be the recipe for success.

The school has recently purchased a package of ‘professional’ video equipment and training from Schools Media, Bringing the Curriculum to life. A company that seemingly started up less than a year ago in my home town of Blackpool. I wonder If I should go and interview them about their motivations? business plan? story so far?

Conversation with Chris included all aspects of a co-ordinated media approach in the school: outward facing i.e. website, parental and child involvement with school activities , homework, blogging etc and inward i.e. VLE, intermal communication, teacher resource development, training, maintenance of equipment, hiring of a Media Mentor and VLE co-ordinator, media champs in each class. He’s going to write it all down and talk to Head. He recommended I look at an extreme response to the idea of a paperless school:

and also an academic called

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