Dan Kieran – The Idle Traveller: the art of slow travel

TRAVEL – creative encounter & unconscious assimilation

Dan Kieran – The Idle Traveller: the art of slow travel

“it’s only when you’re faced with the unfamiliar that your conscious mind works hard.”

“if you give your life the gift of your own time, you notice so much that you would normally bundle past … When you do have time to stop and look around, your curiosity lands on things and situations develop. And because you’re thinking differently, you pursue them in a different way and all of a sudden things around you start to unlock and you discover things you would never normally see.”

Chronos and Kairos

Gods of time – Chronos – in charge of sequential, scientific time that travels like an arrow from past, through present to future.

Kairos – God of ‘divine time’. Depicted with a quiff/fringe and the rest is shaved. When he approaches you have to grab his hair and take advantage of the moment he brings. If you let him pass, you can’t grab him and you’re left to watch him recede into the distance for ever.

“Why should travel be in these little anaesthetic chunks to get away from work? It should be something that over time comes to define who you are.”

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